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Information Use
(KRW, Including VAT)
Rate Info Green fee Cart fee Caddie fee
Free(Once a day) Free 150,000

Foreign language caddies available(English, Japanese, Chinese) / Fee : ₩180,000

  • Only Club72CC Hanul Course (18H) is available
  • 1~4 players can play
  • Available only to *transit passengers

    (*transit passengers? Passengers entering another country within 72 hours via Incheon International Airport from the departure)

  • E-ticket must be attached when making a reservation
  • On the day of the round, you must bring your passport + boarding pass from the departure + e-ticket. (Round is not possible without proof documents)
  • Application for reservation > Check attached documents > Reservation confirmed
  • Reservation confirmation or reservation cancellation within 3 days after reservation application (Reservation will be canceled if there is not enough documentation)
  • You should check your reservation or cancel your reservation on the CLUB72 website. (no text message, no e-mail)
  • After confirmation of reservation, you can cancel directly on the website up to 3 days before the round
  • Inquiries about the use of transit passengers << >>

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